Free Download Oxford Current English Translation Book By R K Sinha 378

The Oxford Current English Translation book by R K Sinha is a free download in pdf format. It is a reference book containing translated passages from the original English translation of the Bible. The translation of this work was begun in 1901 with its completion occurring in 1999. The original work completed by British Christians to render the King James Version into modern language has been published on 12 October 1999 and is available from Oxford University Press, London.

In this book, one may find helpful information about what you can expect when reading a translation of the Bible verses for an understanding of their meanings and implications better than what one could do if they read only the original language version. Many of the English translations of the Bible are biased and not necessarily free from bias, this is due to various factors. One of these factors is based on the translation with which they were made. The translation with which these versions were made is not 100% accurate since it is based on what was available at that time or both. This perspective could be different to yours with your own perspective. Some of the English translations of the Bible were done by those who were not experts on the topic of Hebrew culture and language, therefore there could be some confusion as a result of misunderstandings. Some of these translators had a bias or a prejudice that could influence their choice of wording that they used to translate the Bible verses. Another reason for bias, misinterpretation and lack of understanding in some English translations is due to what you know about the original Hebrew culture and language. For example, some words may mean one thing in one context and another thing in another context, but if you do not know anything about this you could possible interpret it as something else than what it originally meant. An example of this is when Jesus refers to someone having two coats. By reading the Oxford Current English translation Book by R K Sinha you can verify what means what in regards to the context of sentence structure, word choice and meaning. This translation is created with the original translation in mind, but with an even greater focus on making it easy to understand than before. It was created with an interpretation in mind that is less likely to be biased or prejudiced in any way that makes it easier for someone who does not know Hebrew culture and language can understand through better context. For example, using the word "abolish" to translate "destroy" or using the word destroy to translate "abolish" would be disregarding what either of those words meant in their original context. When this occurs it can cause confusion regarding the true meaning of what was being said.

Author: R K Sinha File size: 4.8MB * R K Sinha has also written a book called 'Oxford Past English Bible Translation Book'.

https://www.scribd.com/doc/230895446/Free-Download-Oxford-Current-English-Translation-Book-By-RK-Sinha https://www.scribd.


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