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The software works well on Windows (from XP to 7) and it is compatible with popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and others.

The software features a large array of settings which will be applied to your installed browsers.. After making a few settings, you can let it work as a system tray icon, and your personal information will be safe.. Mask Surf will automatically detect your installed browsers and it will specify if they are anonymized or not by displaying either a check or cross sign next to each of their icons.

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To anonymize a browser, you only need to click an Apply button beneath the browser icons. Jacksmith 1

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These settings can be found under different tabs on the user interface General information can be found under the Status tab.. The download is a little over 4 Mb and installing it requires no Internet related configurations.. Mask Surf Lite will conceal information regarding your location or computer, thus, allowing for anonymous web browsing.. While the Internet makes world wide communication efficient and accessible, it also makes it possible to locate someone, or at least the computer he/she is using. the best photo software for mac

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Mask Surf is not a browser, so you will not have to switch from your preferred one.. This makes it possible, for example, to restrict a certain country or region from accessing a web page. cea114251b Bosch Manuals For Washers And Dryers


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